Day 6 - and last one in Kampala

Dr Lazarus (Director of Life Ministries) and his lovely wife Lois have been most gracious and given us many opportunities to serve.

It is hard to believe six days have already passed and in the morning we’ll be on our way to Mbale. These days in Kampala have been full and rich and we are truly overflowing with thanksgiving.

Nicholas, a FOCUS staff worker, poses in front of the FOCUS office. This is Uganda's Inter Varsity work.

Yesterday (Monday) started out early as we had an 8 a.m. meeting with FOCUS staff. FOCUS is InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Ugandan movement and they have a very dedicated team who are laboring faithfully to change Uganda with the gospel. It was very rainy, and therefore very slippery, and I made a grand entrance to their office by slipping and crash landing on very hard cement. I’m sure it was a very comical sight, but the three men watching from the office and the three people with me (Paul, John, and Cindy) all watched in horror instead of bursting out laughing. I was very thankful for no broken bones, but I am very colorful with many tender bruises today. I had red mud covering my white top, which thankfully was able to be concealed sufficiently by buttoning my black sweater, so most were likely unaware of the auspicious beginning of the day. I've walked very carefully since.

FOCUS and Life Ministries (Campus Crusade - Uganda) staff teams converged to hear us speak on Marriage and Ministry.

After having devotions with the FOCUS staff, we drove over to the Life Ministries office complex and had the privilege of addressing about 45 staff from both organizations. They were a lively group and were very responsive. They also asked a number of great questions. We enjoyed every minute with them and left with such appreciation of what they’re very sacrificially doing for the kingdom.

Apollo and his wife Robinah, with children Rachel and Elijah came for a visit to discuss family ministries.

We spent the afternoon counseling and that went well. Since it can be hard at times to understand the Ugandan accent, we prayed that our communication would not be hindered and God met us. It’s interesting that no matter where we are in the world, people struggle with so many of the same things, especially with regard to family and marriage issues. We were thankful for our sessions.

Eating dinner at the Beirut Restaurant...and enjoying every bite of the delicious Lebanese food.

That night, we took Julie and Derek out for dinner in downtown Kampala to a Lebanese restaurant run by a friend of Derek’s. We had a fabulous meal on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant and took in the sites, sounds, and smells of a very busy city. Lots of fun.

Jules and I walked in the light rain this a.m. before breakfast and then Paul and I had more counseling. A very special highlight was meeting up with George and Donna (Herbst) Warren and Jay and Vicki Dangers, along with three of their kids: Jenny, Jeremiah, and Julia. We met at a delicious Indian restaurant and spent over two hours talking a mile a minute, catching up. Jay and Vicki founded New Hope Family Home in the outskirts of Kampala 23 years ago and have faithfully served and raised a beautiful family there.

Lunch with George and Dona Warren, John Norton (far left) and Julie Dangers (far right.) GREAT time!

George and Donna were here speaking at a missionary conference over the weekend and we all mused that to catch up with one another, we had to come to Kampala!! It was so encouraging to see their continued passion for His call on their lives and to hear of the amazing ways God is using both families. Our three families have been journeying through life together for 33 years now and that is gift in itself.

More counseling all afternoon, and then at 5:30, we officially took down that shingle and went out with the Nortons and Derek and Julie for Thai food. We had a lovely evening in a beautifully serene and tranquil eatery and it was a fitting end to our wonderful day with the Nortons. They have been so hospitable and kind to us every day.

Welcoming the Macraes to Uganda!

It was really fun to welcome Doug and Julie Macrae to Kampala tonight, who are joining us for the rest of the trip. We head out for Mbale in the morning and we are more than excited to see Julie’s home-away-from-home at the CURE Pediatric Referral Hospital. We should have Internet access through Saturday, so I'll update this blog at least once more.

Thanks for your prayers—please keep 'em going!