A Family After God’s Own Heart: Lessons from the Life of King David

H.I.M. Family Camp 2019

Forest Home Ojai Valley, 655 Burnham Road, Oak View, California

Week One: July 28 - August 3
Week Two: August 4 - August 10

All families have “snapshot” days they don’t want to be defined by: days of tantrums, heated arguments, or rebellion. King David had some pretty horrible “snapshot” days as well, yet even so, he was remembered as “a man after God’s own heart.” Our family camp theme for 2019 will look at lessons from David’s life that will help us to be referred to as a family after God’s own heart.


Day 1: Who are we trying to please?
Day 2: Fighting the giants in our lives
Day 3: Dealing with temptation
Day 4: Finding forgiveness and restoration


Paul and Virginia Friesen, Directors

Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen will be hosting both weeks of family camp at Ojai Valley. The Friesens have a long history of leadership in family ministry. Together they teach, write, and counsel with a particular gift of encouraging families to seek Christ. They are co-founders and directors of Home Improvement Ministries. Their passion is guiding others within marriage and within families to walk in God’s Truth.


Guest Speakers


Ray And Carol Johnston: Week one

Ray is one of the senior pastors of Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California. A 30-year veteran of both youth and adult ministry, he’s the founding pastor of Bayside Church, which has grown to over 18,000 people. In addition to his leadership at Bayside, Ray serves as president of Thrive Communications Inc. and has authored several books, all of which contain his trademark wit and dynamic style. Carol has focused her energies in raising four great kids, now adults, and is presently on staff at Bayside Church as a discipler of women. Ray and Carol have raised four children who walk with the Lord and are seeking to make a difference for His Kingdom. Ray is a powerful speaker who will, with humor and insights from God’s word, motivate you to more fully be a family after God’s own heart.


Tim and Susie Theule, Week Two

Tim is the lead pastor for the Grace Central Coast churches. He is passionate about the power of the Gospel to transform lives, families and communities. He's committed to the centrality of the Gospel, the doctrines of grace, relevant expository preaching, and authentic, multi-generational community. Susie is a licensed clinical psychologist, Executive and Visionary Director of the San Louis Obispo Classical Academy, and Tim's balancing factor in ministry. Together they have four great kids who are walking with the Lord and are seeking to make a difference for His Kingdom. Tim’s engaging teaching style and deep love for God’s word will help you seek God more fully as you strive to have a family after God’s own heart.