H.I.M. Family Camp Week 2


H.I.M. Family Camp Week 2

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  • Home Improvement Ministries is pleased to offer a one-week Family Camp this summer, August 4 through August 10, 2019. It will be held at Forest Home’s Ojai Valley Campus in California  and will be hosted and directed by Paul and Virginia Friesen. The guest speaker will be Pastor Tim Theule. Before registering, please be sure to carefully read ALL the information below. We look forward to having you there!

If the housing option of your choice is sold out and you wish to be put on a waiting list—or if you wish to request a modification to your previous registration choices—please email Gabby Warren, the registrar for this event.



A Family After God’s Own Heart: Lessons from the Life of King David

Day 1:  Who are we trying to please?  (1 Samuel 16:6–13)

Day 2:  Fighting the giants in our lives  (1 Samuel 17:1–11, 24–27, 37, 41–50)

Day 3:  Dealing with temptation  (2 Samuel 11)

Day 4:  Finding forgiveness and restoration  (Psalm 51)


There are three types of accommodations available:

Cabins: Each cabin is split into two units. Each unit has two rooms, with three bunks in one room and two bunks in the other. Each unit has its own bathroom.
Tents: Each tent has four bunkbeds (sleeps 8).  Community bathhouses are located near each cluster of tents.
RV sites:  There are five RV sites. Each site has an electrical hook-up.

For pictures of the cabins and tents, see the video below or visit the Ojai Valley website.


Fees include all meals, beginning with dinner on Sunday and ending with breakfast on Saturday.

Cabin:  $1,100 per cabin unit (Includes fees for first two people)  
$440  each additional adult
$350  each additional child (3-12)
$100  each additional child (0-2)

Tent: $750 per tent (Includes fees for first two people)  
$360  each additional adult
$300  each additional child (3-12)
$100  each additional child (0-2)

RV Site: $720 (includes fees for first two people)
$360  each additional adult
$300  each additional child (3-12)
$100  each additional child (0-2)


At the time of registration, you will be charged according to the housing you choose, which also includes the registration fees for the first two people. Based on the number and ages of the additional people you register for when you fill out the registration form, you will be charged additional fees via an email notification. These additional fees are due no later than April 1, 2019.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a registration by May 1, 2019 will result in a partial refund of all but $500 of your initial deposit. That $500 is nonrefundable and at risk from the time of registration confirmation. An additional $65 no-show fee will be charged for individual guests who cancel from your registration less than four weeks prior to the camp date.


When you click “Register,” you will be presented with an online registration form to fill out for your family and any guests you may be bringing. In addition, you will be asked to sign the following waiver:

I certify that our family's participation in this camp will be voluntary. I understand that my participation and any who would claim under me in activities associated with its program and location assume responsibility for my or our actions. I release Home Improvement Ministries, its Trustees, employees, and agents from loss, injury, or damage to myself or my property; provided that nothing contained herein shall excuse Home Improvement Ministries, its Trustees, employees, or agents from responsibility to act with reasonable care for the safety of myself or my property. I give permission to Home Improvement Ministries to be photographed and/or videotaped and to allow this material to be used for publicity. I understand that campers are expected to attend all scheduled instructional sessions. By entering my full legal name below, I agree to all of the above.