Recapturing Eden: Recapturing God's Design for Marital Intimacy


Recapturing Eden: Recapturing God's Design for Marital Intimacy

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God’s plan for Adam and Eve was to live in intimate relationship with Him and with each other. Their "nakedness"—in every meaning of the word—with each other was their daily experience. Then Satan tempted them with experiences God had clearly forbidden. Instead of experiencing freedom, they ended up not naked and unashamed, but clothed and separated from God and each other. This DVD series very practically and biblically teaches us how to return to "Eden" and live as we were designed to live. Topics covered include:

  • It's About Design: Discovering God’s Phenomenal Intention for Marriage

  • Expectations in Eden

  • Naked in Eden

  • Recapturing Eden through Love and Respect

  • Together, “Rule over” not, “Be ruled by”

  • Developing Healthy Communication in Marriage

  • Developing Healthy Parent and In-Law Relationships

  • God’s Design for Uniqueness in Marriage

  • Renewing an Eden Experience: Spiritual Vitality in Marriage

  • Wardrobe by God: The God of Second Chances

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Each boxed set contains video lessons of approximately 30 minutes each, taught by Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen. Also included are electronic copies of participants’ handouts for use in small-group studies, with permission to print as many copies as needed.

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