Prior to marriage, we’re faced with the difficult decision of finding that special person whom God wants us to choose as our spouse. We’re also faced with the societal pull of sexual impurity. H.I.M.’s Pre-Marriage programs and resources are geared towards those not yet in serious relationships, those in serious relationships contemplating marriage, and those who have made an engagement commitment to each other.


Worth It: You are Worth It—God is Worth It—Purity is Worth It

“Worth It” is a one-day seminar designed to encourage and equip teens and parents towards God’s best in opposite sex relationships. Through speakers and workshops you will discover that you are worth waiting for God’s best, God’s plan is worth wait; God’s gift of sex is worth the wait.

Join hundreds of parents and teens for this fun and informative day that likely will change your life and the way you look at God, yourself, and relationships.

Engagement Matters

“Engagement Matters” is an experience designed to help engaged or pre-engaged couples confirm God’s best for them in their relationship with each other, and to help equip couples for a marriage in which both God and one another are honored.


Book: Letters to My Daughters

In this heartwarming and funny book, a dad shares his heart and wisdom with his three daughters regarding a life-changing decision: marriage. Through 52 personal letters to Kari, Lisa, and Julie, Paul Friesen pens his insights on the importance of convictions, character, considerations, and chemistry as they relate to relationships.

Book: So You Want to Marry My Daughter?

If you’re a dad and want to know what kind of man you should be praying for for your daughter—whether she’s two or twenty-two—consider the ten questions presented here. They draw a picture of a man who knows and loves God and who seeks to honor Him by serving his prospective wife and loving her “as Christ loved the church.” With wit and humor, Dr. Friesen shows the reader not only how to identify such a suitor, but how to be such a man.

Book: Before You Save the Date

Author Dr. Paul Friesen poses 21 questions dealing with Convictions, Character, Compatibility, and Chemistry to help couples confirm their decision to move toward marriage. This practical, biblically-based book is easy to read, yet deep enough to be thought-provoking and useful in confirming one of life’s most critical decisions.