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H.I.M Family Flyer - January/February 2007 - Volume 2 Issue 1

Upcoming H.I.M. Events

The H.I.M. "Mission: Possible!" Marriage Conference to be held at the end of next month in Jackson, NH, is almost full, but we have a few rooms left. Please register now if you are planning on attending! Once we’re full, we'll start a waiting list, since we typically have a few cancellations as the weekend approaches.

David Hegg of Corona Evangelical Free Church of Corona, California, will be our guest speaker at this conference. Many of you will remember him and his delightful wife, Cherylyn, as one of our most popular family camp speakers from a few years ago. He is a great teacher and we know you will be encouraged and inspired by him. While we are disappointed that Dave Bullock will not be able to lead our praise and worship time at this conference after all, we are delighted to report that Erik and Marlene Kerr have agreed to step in and lead our musical worship. They have been with us at past marriage conferences and are not only musically talented but clearly divinely anointed as well for this ministry.

For more details and online registration, visit this link. We'd love to have you there!

2. TRUE LOVE WAITS-FAMILY EDITION - Choose from Saturday, March 24, OR Sunday, March 25
On Saturday, March 24, at Lexington Christian Academy in Lexington, MA, H.I.M. is sponsoring a day-long "True Love Waits-Family Edition" conference for teens and parents from 9 am to 3 pm. On Sunday, March 25, at South Shore Baptist Church in Hingham, MA, H.I.M. is repeating the entire conference for teens and parents from 2 pm to 8 pm. Why teens AND parents? Because "True Love Waits" alone statistically only delays sexual involvement. 80% of students who sign abstinence cards are sexually active before marriage. But when the family is involved together, that statistic drops dramatically.

"True Love Waits-Family Edition" is one of the most important conferences the H.I.M. will sponsor this year. We guarantee it will not be dull! We have a fabulous team assembled, including Benjamin and Kirsten Watson and David and Kassidy Thomas of the New England Patriots; Kate Wylie, wife of Olympic figure skating medalist Paul Wylie; and other young men and women who have chosen to let true love wait. All the details about the conference are online at this link

The price of the conference is $25 per person with a $70/family maximum, and includes all materials as well as a continental breakfast and lunch (on Saturday) or snacks and supper (on Sunday). If you have questions or would like a brochure (or a stack of them to hand out), you can send email to Barbara@HIMweb.org or call Barbara at 781-275-6473.

We don't know what you may have already planned for that weekend, but we challenge you to consider how important it is to learn as a parent how to better relate to your teen on this subject. You'll be exposing your teen to great teaching and to some very cool young men and women-some who followed God's best, and some who have experienced His forgiveness in this area and are now encouraging teens to believe that the creator of sex really does know what He's doing when He calls us to sexual purity.

If you have attended a True Love Waits conference before, bring a friend and come again. This program will be the best ever, with some neat additions.

3. ENGAGEMENT MATTERS - April 14-15, 2007
Engagement Matters is a great weekend for engaged and pre-engaged couples to hear from Paul and Virginia as well as from other members of their resource team about God's design for marriage and how to know whether you are ready to make this commitment together. This is a great weekend for any couple who is planning (or even thinking about planning) to get married. Paul and Virginia teach about love and respect, sex, conflict management, in-laws, money, and spiritual leadership-all with their own special blend of wisdom and laughter.

This weekend will not be offered again until the fall, so think about whether you know anyone who needs to be there this April. Visit this link for more information, or click here to go directly to the reservations page.

News You Can Use

We just thought you'd like to know that Paul is now working on a companion workbook to "Letters to My Daughters: A dad's thoughts on a most important decision - Marriage" that will include discussion questions and additional resources for those of you who may be interested in starting a study group or book group at your church or school. We continue to be encouraged by the many words of affirmation Paul receives on his book (including some recently from folks at Focus on the Family!). Order copies at this link.

We'll keep you posted on the progress of the workbook, and we'd sure welcome your partnership in praying that "Letters to My Daughters" will continue to have an impact on the many young people who are reading it. Pray that God will continue to use this book and the Friesens' ministry to build His kingdom.

Click here for excerpts and click here for ordering information.

Way #1: Congress Workshop CD's available for order
Paul and Virginia gave two great workshops at Vision New England's Congress 2007 earlier this month-one on marriage, and one on parenting-and CDs of their talks may be ordered from Fleetwood Onsite Conference Recording's website at Fleetwood website. You'll see all the Congress 2007 talks offered there, but look for these two, given by the Friesens:

  • 4550 Divide and Conquer - Satan's Strategy to Destroy Marriages
  • 4556 Raising G-Rated Kids in an X-Rated World

Let us know if you have any questions about these talks. Outlines for the talks may be viewed here: Satan's Strategy to Destroy Marriages    Raising G-Rated Kids in an X-Rated World

Way #2: Recent talks given in California available to download as MP3 podcasts
Paul and Virginia spoke at Grace Church in San Luis Obispo, California this past week, and those talks can be downloaded for free from: this link

Way #3: Bayside Church in Roseville, California offers CDs
Paul and Virginia have spoken at Bayside Church on several occasions over the years, and CD's of those talks may be ordered by mail from Bayside. Electronic orders are not being taken at this time, but go here for ordering instructions: Bayside Tape page and go here to see a listing of the available talks.

Way #4: H.I.M. CDs available
Copies of one of the Friesens' talks, "1+1=1: Lousy Math, Great Marriage," are available to order from our website for $5 each plus postage by going here.

6. Life with Paul and Virginia
On February 9, 2007, Paul and Virginia's eldest daughter, Kari, became the wife of Gabriel Stephen Garcia at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California. It was a wonderful celebration! Virginia wrote yesterday, "My heart is so brimming with joy and thanksgiving from the festivities of this past week. Somehow I want to convey my heart for each of you, who contributed so much to making the day what it was, and to express my deep gratitude for the faithfulness and goodness of God to our family throughout the generations. We are blessed beyond words. The wedding was everything and more than we could've hoped or prayed for. Over these past two years of Kari and Gabe's courtship, it's been increasingly obvious that they are better together. Their hearts for each other and for the Lord have grown through their relationship and they've made so many decisions to honor Him and each other along the way. It was truly a joy to give Kari away to a man of deep character and godly convictions, whose heart for her is deep and sincere. What a gift to us as parents to have no reserve about handing her over. :) It is also such a joy to see the woman of God Kari has grown into and to see her heart for Gabe so full of love and respect. She was truly radiant at her wedding."

Sisters Lisa and Julie were co-maids of honor. They also were radiant in their beautiful red dresses as they stood in support of their sister and their first brother. Go to photo album to see wedding photos and view a copy of the wedding program.

To update you a little more on daughters two and three: Lisa is working as an athletic trainer at Mission Prep High School in San Luis Obispo, and is applying to graduate programs in Athletic Training to see whether God may be opening doors in that direction for her this fall. Youngest daughter, Julie, is a senior at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and as captain of their women's lacrosse team will help defend their team's title as national champions for women's club lacrosse in Denver this May for the seventh straight year. She is praying about where to be next year with options ranging from graduate school to working with AIDS children in Africa.

So for Paul and Virginia and family, as for many of you, I am sure, this has been and will be a year of transitions. Some are joyful and some are sad, but God is able to meet us in the midst of them all. Thank you again for standing with Home Improvement Ministries in so many ways that enable us to minister as we do. Pray that we will be faithful to hearing God's best for us and to following His voice in the year ahead. We pray the same for you.


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