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H.I.M Family Flyer - November/December 2006 - Volume 1 Issue 9

Upcoming H.I.M. Events

"Suddenly on Christmas Eve" is a heart warming drama about hope and forgiveness; a riveting story of a family whose lives are forever marked by the Great Depression and by a life-changing encounter which takes place… suddenly on Christmas Eve. It's a wonderful musical in the Broadway tradition, written and directed by Stephen and Nancy Gerber and produced by them each Christmas for a number of years now-- but this year will be their final performance, so don't miss out! It's a great show for the whole family, and we’re so eager for you to see it that we've planned a special reception at the matinee performance on Saturday, December 9th.

Suddenly on Christmas Eve - Online Ticket Order/Payment
(December 9th @ 2:00pm only)

There will be five different performances between December 7th and 10th, but you and your family and friends are warmly encouraged to select the Saturday matinee performance and then join us afterwards in the black box theatre just off the lobby for a special dessert reception. Not only are the desserts free for all our H.I.M. friends, you can receive a discount off the regular ticket prices for that particular show if you order them through our website. For more information, visit Suddenly on Christmas Eve or click here to go straight to the ticket order.

Oh, and you may well know members of the cast! Look for: Bruce Grout, Anna Gould, Christy Keating, John DeFusco, Lili and Heather Kaufmann, and Katy, Sarah, and Hannah Early, to name a few of our favorite people. :)

For show details and photos, or to buy tickets for other performances, please visit Acts from the Heart, or call 508-405-1335.

At the beginning of November we held the first of two H.I.M. marriage conferences this year, and those who attended said they felt it was the best marriage conference ever! Others wrote, "We like the NH setting . . . surrounded by the mountains, trees, etc.--basically the beauty of God. Music was great." "A Godly experience. What a ministry. Thank you so much. Thank you for all the work you do to serve us." "Wonderful to have the conference in a new place! It's beautiful up here--lots to do." If you'd like to read the full "Marriage Conference report" with photos, click here.

David Hegg will be our guest speaker at the spring marriage conference, to be held once again at the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, NH. Remember that early-bird registration is going on now, and the regular rate of $315 will kick in on January 1. For more details and online registration, visit this link

Great news! Now through December 20, take an additional $25 off published price--for new reservations when you pay in full. We'd love to have you there!

More great news! Now through December 20, the regular price of $100 per couple for this highly-recommended weekend is only $75 per couple when you pay in full at the time of reservation. There are only two more Engagement Matters weekends available before the end of the school year—one is coming right up on January 6–7 and the other is April 14–15. This is a great weekend for any couple who is planning (or even thinking about planning) to get married. Paul and Virginia teach about love and respect, sex, conflict management, in-laws, money, and spiritual leadership—all with their own special blend of wisdom and laughter. Why not give the weekend as a Christmas gift to your engaged or pre-engaged son or daughter or niece or nephew? Visit Engagement Matters 2007 for more information, or click here to go directly to the reservations page.

News You Can Use

Paul's book, "Letters to My Daughters: A dad's thoughts on a most important decision — Marriage," is now in it's second printing, and praise for this book is still coming in. It's so encouraging to us to receive these wonderful notes! One man recently wrote, " 'Letters to My Daughters' is one of the most meaningful books I have read in a very long time. As I progressed letter by letter I found myself thinking 'I want to mark this page/thought to come back later for a re-read.' As I finished the last letter this morning I realized I had very close to 52 bookmarked pages for future review! If only my messages to my daughters could be as consistently powerful! You, again, have set a wonderful example for we parents still in the earlier stage struggles."

And yes, you guessed it, we’re offering special Christmas pricing on this book, now through December 20: Instead of $12 plus shipping, you pay only $10 plus shipping. Order online and don't miss out on the other book specials below!

Click here for excerpts and click here for ordering information.

In addition to special Christmas pricing for copies of "Letters to My Daughters" (see article above), here are a few more online Christmas specials to make you smile:

"One Plus One Equals One...Lousy Math, Great Marriage": Normally $5.00 each. Now, $3.00 each. This is a CD recording of a great talk by Paul and Virginia Friesen. Buy Now!

"Recapturing Eden": A 12-week small group discussion guide for healthy marriages. Regularly $5.00 Now, $3.00 Get one for each member of your small group to work through together! Buy Now!

Mission Possible Marriage Conference: Take an additional $25 off published price. (See paragraph #2 above.)

Engagement Matters Weekend. Normally $100.00 per couple; Christmas price: $75 per couple. (See paragraph #3 above.)

Order all these online at: www.HIMweb.org! Special pricing expires after December 20 25, and all payments must be made in full.

6. Life with Paul and Virginia
This fall, Paul and Virginia have interspersed their ongoing commitment to the flourishing church partnership program that meets every other Sunday evening in Weston with weekend speaking trips to Fresno, California; Hamilton, Massachusetts; and Park Street Church in Boston. Fit into that, they've added a monthly series at the Boston Chinese Evangelical Church as well as their weekly meetings with Patriots' couples. Plus, special events: the Parenting Seminar at Newton Presbyterian Church in October and the hugely successful H.I.M. marriage conference in Jackson, New Hampshire in November. And can you believe it? They’re each working on writing a new book. We'll tell you more about those in the coming months, but suffice it to say, they live very full lives.

Virginia writes, "The girls are all doing well. Kari and Gabe are settling in to their new role in the college ministry at Bayside Church and are working on the details of their wedding. Lisa is juggling numerous jobs besides athletic training at Mission High School, and her favorite is subbing. She loves her students. :) Jules is dividing her time between school and lacrosse primarily, and is thinking about post-college opportunities. Yikes! How did that happen so quickly?"

Over Thanksgiving weekend, the whole family was together in Alexandria, Virginia along with members of Virginia's extended family for a wonderful long reunion weekend of turkey, shopping, football, games, and a fun bridal shower for Kari and Gabe. Plans for their wedding in Sacramento, California on February 9th are proceeding smoothly. (Oh yes, add to the list: planning a wedding!)

Paul and Virginia and the entire H.I.M. staff are so thankful for each of you! We are blessed and very aware of it. Thanks for being part of that blessing.


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