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H.I.M Family Flyer - October 2006 - Volume 1 Issue 8

Upcoming H.I.M. Events

1. MISSION: POSSIBLE!—November 3-5, 2006
There's still time to join us at the first of two Home Improvement Ministries marriage conferences this year. In just a few weeks, we'll be gathering for our first time ever at the Eagle Mountain House, an historic country inn in the heart of the White Mountains in Jackson, New Hampshire, for "Mission: Possible—Experiencing a Blockbuster Marriage."

Late registration rates go into effect this Saturday, so please hurry and register by tomorrow, Friday, October 13, if at all possible.

Paul and Virginia Friesen will be the guest speakers at this conference, in response to requests from many people who have asked for opportunities to hear them. If you've heard Paul and Virginia speak before and are eager to introduce another couple to their unique combination of wisdom, laughter, and love, then this is a great opportunity. In fact, if you are unable to attend yourselves, why not offer to watch your friends' children for the weekend so your friends can attend? We promise we'll make them feel welcome.

Our worship time will be led by Danny Oertli, an accomplished Christian recording artist and worship leader. We'll get to hear Danny in concert after the speaker session on Saturday night. Prepare for a great evening! "Danny has a special God-given ability to take those who hear him on a journey into the presence of God. His blend of quality music, compelling stories, and disarming humor are backed by an authenticity that has been tested in life's fires. I love this man! You will love him too!" —Greg Stier, President of Dare2Share Ministries and featured speaker for Promise Keepers.

During Saturday morning, each of you will get to attend the workshop of your choice, such as:

  • Mission Balance: With the holidays approaching, how can we balance the demands of the holidays without damaging our marriage or family relationships?
  • Mission Serenity: How do we deal with loss and disappointment in marriage, family, and relationship with God?
  • Mission Control: How do we listen to God and keep our marriages spiritually vital in the midst of all of life's demands?
  • Mission Vitality: How do we keep marriage vital, long after the honeymoon is over?

For more details and online registration, click here

2. SATURDAY PARENTING SEMINAR—Saturday, October 28, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
With the start of school, families return to more structured schedules —which were always welcome at my house--just as relief from those schedules was welcome come June! Raising children certainly is both a joy and a challenge—and probably both those words should be in caps. ;) But God did not leave parents empty-handed when it comes to raising children. Scripture is full of directions to parents on how to raise children according to God's design. Paul and Virginia have wonderfully pulled together a day of God's parenting wisdom for us, and all you have to do is register and show up!

Child care for children 5 and under is free if you pre-register.

Spend a day together with other parents focusing on what God teaches us about families. We must be intentional about what convictions and character we wish to develop in our children. Paul and Virginia will lead us in examining twelve parenting principles that are critical in raising responsible children according to God’s design.

The cost is $20 per person, which includes lunch and all materials (and don't forget that child care is available free of charge with notification ahead of time). Register online or, if you prefer, go here for more information or to print out a registration flyer to fill out and send in by U.S. mail: Conference Information

We still have printed flyers available if you'd like—just drop us an email at info@HIMweb.org or call 781-275-6473.

3. SAVE THE DATE — DRAMA PERFORMANCE: Saturday, December 9, 2006
Save the date! Acts from the Heart will present "Suddenly on Christmas Eve," the wonderful and heart-warming family Christmas production, on Thursday through Sunday, December 7–10. Home Improvement Ministries will be sponsoring the Saturday matinee and we hope you will join us there then. Watch for details coming in next month's Family Flyer, or take a sneak peek ahead at Acts From The Heart website.

4. MID-WINTER FAMILY GETAWAY: January 13-15, 2007
There are still details to be hammered out, but we’re hoping to make an announcement soon about this great mid-winter family getaway weekend. Watch the H.I.M. website for updates as they become available. (Tip: check the "What's New?" section at least once a week!

News You Can Use

This past summer we published Paul's book, "Letters to My Daughters: A dad's thoughts on a most important decision — Marriage," and copies have now been sent all over the country. We’re very excited about the terrific responses we've have.

One woman wrote: "I wanted to share with you what a profound effect your book has had on my life. After reading the first 17 letters, I was greatly saddened to find that I had made all 17 mistakes in choosing whom I had married. After two failed marriages, I had resigned myself to a life of singleness. I had convinced myself that my ‘man-picker’ was broken. I have been single for 6 years and have not dated because I was certain that I would fail again. As I continued to read the next 34 letters, I learned so much about this second most important decision in my life. It was with great joy that I realized I was now equipped with guidelines for considering a future mate. I found that I did not have a defective or broken ‘man- picker’ but that I did not have any ‘man-picker’ in place in my life. I am no longer afraid to date and have opened myself up to the possibility of marriage again. If fact, since returning home from camp this summer, I have been on my first date in six years. I am now excited as I am seeking God’s desire for my future."

"I gave a copy of your book to the 22-year-old daughter of a friend of mine. The family is all Christians, yet the daughter is dating a non-Christian. I gave her my copy of your book 4 days before her boyfriend was scheduled to visit for a week. I shared what a profound effect the book had on my life and she could clearly see my excitement. My friend called to tell me that her daughter came to her and told her that after reading the first six letters, she knew that she was dating the wrong person. And the fact that he was not a Christian was a ‘deal-breaker.’"

Praise God!

Click here for excepts and click here for ordering information.

Whether you follow along with Paul and Virginia's speaking schedule or not, you probably don't know that while speaking in Colorado earlier this month, they were joined by all three of their daughters who spoke alongside them at a True Love Waits - Family Edition seminar. Following the conference, one couple wrote, "A myriad of thanks to you both for making the trip to Littleton to share your wonderful words with us. We were touched and blessed and challenged. . . . You are an inspiration and a holy witness to us of what a Godly marriage and family can look like."

Immediately upon their return from Colorado, the Friesens launched the Church Partnership Program with 16 couples from 8 different churches—exciting times! Finally, just this week they participated in a special pastors' retreat down on the Cape sponsored by the Boston Fellowship.

All this is fueled by your prayers and support and a desire to share what God teaches us in scripture about families and marriages. What a blessing it is to know Jesus personally and to have our purpose and significance established by Him. Thanks for your participation H.I.M.'s ministry!


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