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Raising a Trailblazer:
Rite-of-Passage Trail Markers
for Your Set-Apart Teens

by Dr. Virginia Friesen


Raising a Trailblazer is filled with wisdom, creativity, humor, and spiritual substance. You will be inspired to help your teens become the people God created them to be. There is so much insight in how to be an effective parent that it should be required reading for all parents. It is a delightful book!

Rebecca Pippert Molenhouse
Mother of two, author, speaker, founder and director of Salt Shaker Ministries

Virginia is herself a trailblazer: innovator, pioneer, originator, ground breaker, forerunner. A person who challenges status-quo and has always intentionally blazed a path for herself and her family in keeping with their faith and predetermined values. Through Home Improvement Ministries, she and Paul have helped countless families do the same. If you want to raise a set-apart teen, an independent thinker in the midst of a culture urging them to blend in so they fit in, you will find Virginia’s suggestions invaluable. Implementing these trail markers with your teens will leave them with a stronger sense of personal value and purpose as they navigate their unique path in life.

Deb McCormick
Mother of three boys, founder and director of TeamedUp

Once in a while you come across a book that you would like to keep as an ongoing reference tool for raising children. This is most certainly one of those treasures. Virginia and her three transparent daughters share invaluable principles and ideas for raising a truly set-apart teen and hope for nurturing a young adult into the arms of Jesus. The importance of purity, affirmation, grace and truth, and helping your child discover God’s purposes for his or her life are a far cry from anything this world will offer. If you are looking for a counter-cultural approach to these precious years in your child’s life, then it’s not an accident that you’re holding this book.

Emily Williams
Mother of four, bride of Grant Williams, 10 year NFL veteran

With clarity and conviction, Virginia provides guidance for parents desiring to raise a child with godly purpose and direction. With the eyes of a prophet, the heart of a mom, the insight of a counselor, and the understanding of a friend, parents find hope and a plan that works. I recommend parents of young children begin now to read this book so they can prepare for and confidently navigate the oft-times confusing years of adolescence. Virginia doesn’t just tell us how, but she models for us how parents can find their teenager not only desiring a deep relationship with them, but also coveting their insight above the clamor of the world and their peers.

Jan Northington
Mother of four, author, speaker
I am grateful for Virginia’s heart and vision for mentoring our children through the exciting yet very challenging teen years. It was Virginia’s vision-casting that inspired my husband and me to conduct blessing ceremonies for both our son and daughter. These tangible rite-of-passage ceremonies allowed us to speak truth into the lives of our children and affirm the values of purity, holiness, humility, and grace.

Barbara X. Becker
Home-schooling mother of two, Creative Memories representative

From the first page of Raising a Trailblazer, Dr. Virginia Friesen wisely mentors us as we guide our children up the trails of life, pause to celebrate their progress at critical ages, and aim for the “summit” of maturity in Christ. This groundbreaking book begs to be read, reread, and shared with all parents who yearn for more than the status quo.

Linda Brown, MD
Home-schooling mother of four, part-time medical doctor

Dr. Virginia Friesen has offered inspiring and practical tools for parents who want to usher their kids into the kind of adulthood they dream for them . . . one built on the foundations of grace, truth, and purpose, and saturated with love. After reading this book, I am almost looking forward to the teenage years with my three sons.

Jan Christian Martinet
Mother of three, one of the mentors in the Friesen girls’ lives

Virginia Friesen offers in this book tremendous insight and practical wisdom into the windows of opportunity—rite-of-passage trail markers—in our children’s lives. Her concepts are creative and transferable and will help us guide our children into the hope and future God has planned for them.

Anne Gaddini
Mother of four, wife of Gary, lead pastor of Peninsula Covenant Church

In this treasure-filled book, Virginia Friesen not only offers practical ways to commemorate birthdays with love and attention for those critical coming-of-age teen years, she presses into each observance precious teaching toward the future filled with truth, hope, and vision. Her wonderful “trail markers” for the journey are far more than mere blazes to show the way; she has leveraged them to become both vistas and feeding stations.

Barbara Steele
Mother of three, founding board member of Mom to Mom Ministries

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