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Praise for The Marriage App

Ever thought your marriage could be wonderful if only your spouse would change? In The Marriage App, you’ll learn that if you love sacrificially, you’ll experience greater joy yourself and as a couple. By giving the “irony of intimacy” a chance, your marriage can be transformed.
          Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

Paul and Virginia were instrumental in the growth we experienced before we got married, and they continue to encourage our marriage to this day. Their understanding of what makes a marriage work has helped us deal with many obstacles. They are extremely caring people, who have shown that having a relationship with Christ is the only way to a successful marriage. They have been such a great example in our lives that we had Paul marry us in June 2012. We trust that the truths from scripture in The Marriage App will benefit you as much as the truths are affecting our marriage.
          Wes and Anna Welker, newlyweds and NFL All-Pro receiver

The Marriage App is like a healthy piece of cake. It’s fun to read (tastes great!) but also has great depth (nutritionally filling!). I’m not sure how the Friesens pulled it off, but it’s a spectacular success and a pleasure to recommend.
          Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and The Sacred Search

We speak from experience that Paul and Virginia Friesen have influenced our relationship in some of our most critical times during our marriage and career in the NFL.
     After reading The Marriage App, we realize that we are not alone in our struggles and our issues are actually quite common. The Marriage App addresses common hardships of marriage and applies practical principles based on the greatest love letter of all time, God’s word.
          Corey Lynch, NFL defensive back
          Cissie Graham Lynch, Special Projects Producer, Samaritan’s Purse, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

People want to love and to be loved. Why should something so simple be so difficult? Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen brilliantly unpack how getting the love we want in marriage will never come from believing the myth “To your own self be true.” With characteristic wisdom, wit, and insight, they reveal that the love we hunger for can only be found by encountering Christ’s love for us—and following His example of sacrificial love that puts the needs of others ahead of our own. This is a brilliant, insightful book on marriage by two of our leading authorities in the area of family ministry. I cannot recommend it more highly.
          Rebecca Manley Pippert, speaker, evangelist, and author of Out of the Saltshaker

This book is an essential tool for every marriage. Throughout the book, I sensed Paul and Virginia serving as marriage coaches for me, encouraging me, equipping me, and giving me a game plan for a winning marriage that honors God. The chapters are practical, saturated with God’s word, and speak right to where I am in my marriage. Whether you’ve been married 20 years or are engaged, this book will be a cherished companion for the life of your marriage. I honestly wish every couple in our church could have a copy!
          Gary Gaddini, Lead Pastor, Peninsula Covenant Church, Redwood City, California

Having known and worked with Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen over the last 10 years, I can’t think of a better couple to write on the subject of marriage. No matter what state you find your marriage in, you will be giving a gift to your spouse (and yourself!) by reading The Marriage App.
          Danny Oertli, Parker, Colorado; musician, songwriter, and author of Mommy Paints the Sky

Since our days with the New England Patriots, we have been blessed by Paul and Virginia through their mentoring and teaching. For the many who do not have such a personal opportunity, we strongly encourage you to be “mentored” by them through what they share in The Marriage App. Our lives are better and our marriage is stronger because of seeing God’s design for our marriage more clearly. We truly believe your marriage will benefit and thrive from these truths.
                    Benjamin Watson, NFL tight end
                    Kirsten Watson, Vice President, “One More” Foundation

Most unhealthy marriages don’t decay overnight. They crumble incrementally over time, and usually from the inside out. Our unexpressed expectations go unmet, resentment turns to bitterness, and the toxicity grows. Many have counseled on how best to repel or reverse the process, but few have succeeded in helping real people with real marriages like Paul and Virginia Friesen. The Marriage App brings solid, biblically-based counsel that can both maintain a great marriage and help those struggling to repair their relationship. And unlike so many authors on the subject, Paul and Virginia speak plainly, address vital concepts directly, and have fun along the way.
          David W. Hegg, Senior Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Santa Clarita, California; author of The Obedience Option

My wife and I both came from difficult family backgrounds. After marriage, we determined to no longer accept broken relationships, dysfunction, and infidelity; instead, we made a covenant to become the first generational legacy builders, starting with a strong, faith-based relationship that would set the tone for our children.
     The Friesens not only modeled the level of commitment and faithfulness it was going to take for us to keep our covenant, but they also displayed the fruit that comes from faithfulness to God’s plan for marriage. Much of what we have seen and learned from them since 2003 is instilled in The Marriage App: Unlocking the Irony of Intimacy. We are confident that the truths from scripture shared in these pages will instruct you and encourage you as well.
          Don Davis, veteran NFL player, New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion, Director of NFL Programs for Pro Athletes Outreach

In The Marriage App, Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen speak in one clear voice, offering a vivid alternative to the unclear noise and cultural confusion of the last 40 years. In a real way, this book challenges its readers to embrace the future hope of their marriages by offering ancient truths for today.
     The book boldly examines the concept of “one who is like you, but opposite” when dealing with the differences between men and women within marriage. The Friesens communicate as if they are sitting across from you at your kitchen table with a cup of coffee in hand: softly, tenderly, and with strength. They talk with you, not at you.
     The Friesens provide practical parables for today of marriage, clearly demonstrating how loving sacrificially is the route to enjoying intimacy in marriage. Enjoy the journey.
          Dennis Mansfield, Boise, Idaho; author of Beautiful Nate

I just finished reading The Marriage App: Unlocking the Irony of Intimacy and could not put it down. It was like being at one of the Friesens’ marriage seminars, but less crowded. :) This is a good book for men, as it makes perfect sense, stays on point, and is easy to follow. The way Paul and Virginia weave the stories of their past into the lessons of marriage are so interesting it keeps you reading without realizing it.
          Ken Gaudet, Upton, Massachusetts; husband and father

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