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So You Want to Marry My Daughter?

by Dr. Paul A. Friesen


In this short, readable book, Dr. Friesen frames 10 simple questions, the answers to which get at the heart of what a father needs to hear from a prospective son-in-law. Get it; read it; use it. I plan on giving it to all my friends who have daughters, as well as to my son (who may get married sooner than I imagine).
— Rev. Erich Becker, Director of HomeFront

When Paul Friesen speaks, I listen. When Paul Friesen writes, I read. He and his wonderful wife, Virginia, have influenced the lives of thousands of people with God-honoring and life-changing messages for their families and their marriages. This book is Paul at his best: practical, spiritually challenging, and fun to read.
— Jim Burns, Ph.D., President, HomeWord

So you want to marry my daughter? Actually, I wanted to marry his daughter. In my life, there hasn’t been a more daunting task than trying to build up the courage to ask Paul Friesen if he would give me his permission to marry his eldest daughter. I truly believe that asking me each of the questions found in this book was one of the greatest ways Paul showed his love for Kari.
— Gabriel Garcia, Bayside Covenant Church, California

Paul Friesen combines the wisdom and humor from family counseling, personal experience, and raising three daughters to develop this must- read guide for all young men and dads with daughters. His insightful questions led me to re-examine my relationship with my daughter, and provided guidance to help with the raising of my two sons. I highly recommend it for all males from 13 to 80.
— John Eunice III, Colonel, United States Air Force


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