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Gospel Revolution
Allowing God to Awaken Our
Passion for the Gospel

by Gabriel Garcia

Gospel Revolution is a valuable resource not only for the seasoned believer but also for those exploring the gospel for the first time. With scripture at the center of this book, the author writes short meditations to encourage us to mine the depths of the gospel with our minds, while also treasuring the good news in our hearts.  Allow God to use Gospel Revolution to awaken your passion for Him, whether you are reading this as an individual, small group, or church. See how the gospel—the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ—is the only true source for transformation, allowing us to find reconciliation with God and experience the fullness of life, to God’s glory.

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GABRIEL GARCIA holds degrees from U.C. Berkeley and Western Seminary and has a passion for the depth and power of the Gospel message. A respected speaker and author, Gabe has spent the last eight years joyfully serving the local church in a variety of pastoral positions. Gabe and his wife, Kari, and their son, Brandon, live in Northern California.

Paul gave it straight to Timothy: “. . . Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” But sometimes in our rush as Christ-followers to turn sinners into believers we have played to their felt needs more than their real need. Humanity is not merely broken; it is spiritually dead and only the regenerating power of God the Spirit can bring new life. And how has He chosen to do that? Through the gospel message that begins in Genesis and is threaded throughout the biblical story. The gospel is God at His best, and Gospel Revolution describes and defends it accurately, biblically, powerfully, and, most of all, in an approachable manner. Gabriel Garcia writes what he has known personally and taught professionally, and has given the church a powerful tool for learning and for training our people to “live as lights in the world, holding forth the Word of life.” Read it and then read it again.

Dr. David W. Hegg, Senior Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Santa Clarita, California; author of The Obedience Option

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not just the ABC’s of the Christian life. is the A-to-Z of the Christian life. The gospel is the engine that propels, motivates, and energizes the Christian life. Nothing is more foundational to the Christian life than an on-going preaching of the gospel to the inner recesses of our souls. In Gospel Revolution, Gabriel Garcia has written a wonderful resource to point the Christian towards daily gospel application. Anyone who has tried religion and found themselves wanting will find in this book the key to unlock the kind of life that Jesus promises.

Peter Hong, Lead Pastor, New Community Covenant Church (Logan Square), Chicago, Illinois; Director of NC3 Church Planting

I have discovered few books that so clearly, potently, and methodically lay truth before me like a feast as this book has. It has served as a catapult for my soul, taking it to new heights. What makes the book impacting is knowing the character of its author. Gabe’s life provides a rich context for the book and validates the truth contained in its pages. He walks his talk. I would implore the digesting of this book not only for your own soul, but for the nations that God has commanded us to reach and disciple. This book will serve as an intimate companion of mine for years to come.

Gary Gaddini, Lead Pastor, Peninsula Covenant Church, Redwood City, California




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