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21 Questions to help you marry with confidence

by Dr. Paul Friesen

What participants in pre-marital classes are saying about Before You Save the Date

My boyfriend and I had already spent countless hours answering questions about each other in an effort to get to know each other better quickly. We printed out “questions to ask before marriage” from the Internet and I purchased a book with a lot of questions. We were surprised that your list contained a lot of questions we had not encountered yet. The questions definitely brought to light some things we hadn’t discussed yet and helped us engage in meaningful discussions. It was great to have challenging questions to talk through. —Karen

Before You Save the Date allowed one of us to bring up a difficult topic that was never broached before. It brought clarity to certain topics . . . we want to work on the issues that came up and commit to change even before entering into marriage. —Tara

Made us think a bit more seriously about certain areas of our relationship and raised an issue or two that we realize that we will need to work on, instead of being a surprise later. —Sue

In general, this whole process is bringing us together and helping us to want to know each other more deeply. We understand our future commitment for life, and if anything, we are just getting more excited. —Tom and Kerryn

Before You Save the Date was thought provoking and allowed for great times of discussion with my partner. The “Making it Personal” section was particularly appreciated. —Janessa

We now have a better understanding of what we will have to work extra hard on and what topics will be issues for us. We were also able to see things we appreciate about our partner and things they are doing well. —Caroline

Before You Save the Date taught us that it is important to address and unpack issues as they arise. This exercise brought to light questions that we may have touched on in the past but this gave us the forum to discuss them more openly. It is our hope that we can continue to build on this experience. —Keith and Angie

Before You Save the Date
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