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21 Questions to help you marry with confidence

by Dr. Paul Friesen


Before You Save the Date may well be the second most important book you ever read. That’s not hyperbole. If you’re contemplating a less-than-wise marital relationship, and God uses the wisdom contained in Before You Save the Date to get you to re-evaluate your decision, no book, other than the Bible, will have a greater impact on your life. If you’re not dating anyone at the moment, and Before You Save the Date helps guide you to someone who would make a wonderful marriage partner, you’ll be blessed for the rest of your life. That’s how important the information contained in this book really is.
Gary Thomas
Author of Sacred Marriage

Beware! Marrying without asking the right questions can lead someone down the aisle with the wrong person. Be careful of saving the date until you have read Before You Save the Date, an immensely practicable, user-friendly guide for anyone considering marriage—the second most important decision in life.
Jess Bousa
Author of The Discipleship Dare and Associate Pastor, Grace Assembly of God, Bel Air, MD

After engagement we often get so into the “wedding mode” we forget to prepare for the marriage. Before You Save the Date will help couples take an honest look at their relationship and ask the tough questions that will become the foundation of a Godly and lasting marriage.
Kirsten V. Watson
Co-Founder of Watson One More Foundation, Boston, MA

Through insight and experience, Dr. Friesen posits the hard questions we should ask ourselves before making the second most important decision in life. With honest examination, our answers to these questions will either affirm the relationship or protect us from settling for anything less than God’s best. Besides serving as a helpful tool, these questions will be a springboard for intimate discussions with the person we’re planning to spend our lives with . . . and prepare us for our journey ahead together.
Derek B. Johnson
Executive Director, CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda

Before You Save the Date has been one of the most valuable resources that we have used in our pre-marriage program. It has been the foundation for some very meaningful dialogue between our couples around subjects that until now they may have avoided or not thought to explore.
Ron Perry
Pastor of Marriage, Church of the Saviour, Wayne, PA

Before You Save the Date
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